When thinking about async processing for almost all Java people the first thing that comes to mind is JMS or Java Script AJAX. For the web nothing beats AJAX – simple and effective. I am not a big fan of JMS (10 years old spec that is incomplete, hard to use and Java only) unless… Read More

In this post I’m not going to be very original, but it’s the sort of comparisons that are very hard to find in one place. I will cover traditional web frameworks, javascript mvc frameworks and javascript templating frameworks . Before I start I want to make a reference to an article that describes the principles in… Read More

Process, like management, doesn’t add value by itself. It should only be used as little or as much as necessary to achieve the desired results: better quality, better customer value, better suitability, faster time to market. I don’t see any good reason to use waterfall or traditional software processes. I don’t see success coming from… Read More