Let me start by first praising Netflix for the excellent job they did and continue doing in advancing so much in the tech industry – from pushing AWS (and indirectly other cloud providers) to keep improving, to helping making microservices almost a standard for best practices (even though not all teams can do it well)… Read More

The huge increase in performance (both throughput and response times) for fully async http/rest frameworks is well documented, one example being Techempower. I will focus on Java and Netty based frameworks even though Undertow is also async and performs amazingly well. What I’m hoping to see is most of the following features: Java8 Fully async (hopefully… Read More

I blogged some time ago about JVM languages and it is time for a follow up, as some things have changed and I have changed some of my opinions. Java: I have to admit that I didn’t think Oracle will do so well with the Java language and manage to progress it more and better… Read More

The bigger a company gets and the bigger your IT department gets there will be more talk about governance and efficiency. That usually requires lots of meetings, coordination between teams and organizing the teams by layers. The result of such an organization is that is moves much slower and there is very little fun in developing and… Read More

I blogged in the past about how far behind is the Java language and have since played more with a few of the JVM languages. I will focus on Scala, Groovy, JRuby because they are more general focused and are backed up by bigger companies (Scala is supported by Typesafe, JRuby is supported by EngineYard… Read More

There are so many options to choose from that is is even hard to know where to start. As a person with a lot of Java background I will start by looking at JVM based frameworks and what Matt Raible posts about web frameworks: http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/infoq_s_top_20_web. Spring MVC is still a strong competitor, but I don’t… Read More

Almost any organization (maybe with the exception of very small ones or organizations that make an effort to be different in this area) love and promote governance at all levels. It is a misconception that it will yield great benefits like lower costs and faster delivery. The main problem I see with governance is that… Read More

I believe the fastest way to explain what a good web RESTful service or API should look like or describe design principles is to follow a good example for a REST resource like Person: List all persons. GET /persons Bulk update persons. PUT /persons Delete all persons. DELETE /persons Find a person with a particular… Read More

Building a mobile app is always an exciting idea. First you need to make sure your idea for the app/product is good and you already have a marketing video about it (that helps you identify your target audience and create the product story), even if it is an internal app. Then you need to decide… Read More

A lot was written about the appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO and while some people think it’s Yahoo’s last chance I believe Yahoo is not in such a bad state (it still has some really good assets and cash), but it is a big chance to change their image again to a cool company… Read More